BMW Team Astra.


BMW Team Astra, initialy was named Astra BMW Racing Team, was establish on 2007 as a collaboration project of BMW Indonesia after sales department to promote the BMW Original Parts for BMW users and BMW Astra to promote its authorized BMW workshop for existing BMW users.
The premium quality of BMW original parts, combined with professional workmanship of a BMW authorized workshop, brought up the best overall quality of a BMW.

A professional racing team with experience on Indonesian motorsport, supported with a professional BMW certified race driver, talented young and energetic mechanics and visionary partners, makes a good combination to execute such project. Therefore, on 2008, BMW Team Astra began its journey by entering Indonesian Touring Car Championship season.

BTA-1 Marina

Due to regulation change on 2010, the development for the first car was halted. However, it brought full attention to the second car. Resulted on few national champ titles during 2010-2014. These achievements also had raised up the establishment of an unknown team into a winning team.

Began to be knowned as a promising team with successful races, has became a reason to formalized the team title. With formal recommendation from BMW, the team changed its name into BMW Team Astra. A team which brought BMW legendary name on motorsport history and Astra premium name as leader on Indonesian automotif industry.

BTA-2 Laguna

After winning three most prestigious titles for 2000cc on 2014, and followed by new regulation for 3000cc class, the team took one step further to compete in a more prestigious 3000cc class. Five years of racing experiences on 2000cc class, became valuable knowledge for continuing development of the first car. Once again, with a new development, the team started the ladder for the crown on 3000cc. Until three years later, on 2017, the team took one national championship title on Super Touring BMW 3600cc and runner up title on European Touring Car Championship 3600cc Master Class.

BTA-3 Estoril

This also celebrates 10th year existance of BMW Team Astra on Indonesian Motorsport. And with this 10 years of experience, combining the best of both 2000cc and 3600cc classes from both first and second cars, the team takes one step further to develop the third car. Another light weight 1985 BMW 318i body, equipped with later 3 series suspension and a 3200cc prorotype engine developed from previous winning engine. After more than 150 starts, more than 150 podiums and 7 national titles, 2018 is to be expected as one of the most challenging season for the team. Utilizing three race cars, fighting for six Championship titles. #BMWTeamAstra

BTA-4 Oslo

BTA-5 Lemans

BTA-6 Meissen

BTA-6 Indiana

BTA-6 Dakkar

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